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It seems like so many people so focused on making money – is it really that important?

Friday, December 18th, 2015 by Lisa

I think the answer lies in what is really important to you in your life. How many people have really thought about what is important to them? If you ask most people things like family and money are probably the most common. I have found that many people haven’t really gotten much past a couple of common surface things and believe that once they have money it will all fall into place. Have you really some thought at a deeper level to what is important to you?

I was recently at a one day property investment seminar. It seemed like everyone had a single minded focus on making money. Don’t get me wrong money is important. As the quote goes –Money is not important but its right up there with oxygen’. However so few realize how little difference having money will make to their real happiness. It can enable us to have more choices in our lives. Its merely a tool though for helping us create the lives we really want.

I was the first speaker of the day talking about two key areas that are fundamental to your financial success. The first being getting your financial foundations right. The second is working out the best strategy for you to focus on based on what you interests and strengths are. Too many of us are all over the show. The focal point is often so honed towards making money we cant see the forest for the trees.

The next speaker spoke about money beliefs and how we are kind of like an iceberg. What you see above the surface is our conscious mind and we think its what drives us. The reality is that the biggest part of the iceberg is what lies below the surface and this is our unconscious mind. This is the part of us that really drives our thoughts, behaviors and actions without us realising it. If our subconscious mind is too far out of alignment with our conscious mind we are likely to experience a lot of inner conflict – often without understanding why things are not working for us.

What was interesting at the end of the day was although most acknowledged the importance of understanding ourselves better before we committed to our investment strategy, so few seemed to want to follow up on it. Rather they were all talking about the property deals they wanted to do and the money they wanted to make.

We are often taught that if we set goals, keep focused, work hard, are diligent, etc we will achieve what we want. This is true to a certain perspective. Ive had many clients who have achieved financial success this way; however they would probably be the first to tell you that they lost themselves in the process. They are now looking at how they rebuild their lives again. You could say that they have the luxury of having money so life is easier. Many would say though that if they had their time again they would do things differently. Approximately two thirds of us make it to the age of 65 and the majority of those over the age of 65 live on very little. Tying to find the right balance between money and lifestyle is the 64million dollar question. Giving yourself some space to think through what life is about for you will be worth your investment in the time.


One Response to It seems like so many people so focused on making money – is it really that important?

  1. Peter L says:

    There is another ‘saying’, money is NOT everything but without money you are nothing. Probably an exaggeration but fairly near the ‘truth’ when one is really down and broke. ‘when we were young, we spent our health to chase wealth and when we are old, we spend our wealth to chase health’, money is the root of all evil etc.
    Money is a means of exchange, a store of wealth and a unit of measurement, without it, we go back to the days of bartering.
    To look at money as a end result and the purpose of life is to acquire as much of it as possible by hook or by crook, may result in us losing the whole picture of our existence.
    Yes, by all means acquire ‘money’ but it must be the servant and not the master.
    Treat it as such and there are other things in life as well besides having lots of money. We cannot take it with us when it’s our time to GO….

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