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7 Tips to Save Money with a Low Cost Wedding

Wednesday, July 29th, 2015 by Mike

When it comes time to get married, people are looking forward to having a highly memorable time – one that will last a lifetime. Money is sometimes tight, however, and this means that elegance may have to be limited in your wedding plans.┬áHere are some 7 tips on how to have a low cost wedding.

1. Set Up A Wedding Budget Beforehand

When making your plans for a wedding, it is easy to get carried away and put features into it that will just leave you in debt. If you are planning on buying a house, or have some other costly plans in the near future, you should keep the wedding costs low so you have more to invest. By making a wedding budget, and you may want to use a wedding calculator for this purpose, it will help you keep your costs down – if you stick to the budget.

2. Plan Your Discount Wedding on an Evening or Weekend

Caterers and other service people are less busy in the evenings or on weekends. This enables them to give you a discount. Another way to save on your wedding planning, if you are going to have it in a church, is to have your wedding right after a holiday.

This way, the church will have beautiful decorations all around the auditorium and it will also help you save money on flowers.

3. Restrict the Number of Guests to Save Money on Wedding

When you want to save even more money on your wedding, then you need to reduce the number of guests that you plan on having to the event. When you have a lot of guests, it means that you will need to pay for a larger rental space, more food, more favors, a larger cake, etc. Not everyone you know has to be invited.

4. Further Reduce Cost of A Wedding by Marrying in the Off-Season

Most people get married in the summer months – and prices are higher due to the demand. Most likely, you can get lower prices on services, hotels, and just about anything else when you have your wedding in the off-season, which is April through October.

5. Choose a Free Location for A Cheap Wedding

You do not have to choose to have your wedding at a costly location. You can save a lot of money by having it in a national park, a local park, or at the house of a friend or relative. Rain may be a problem, however, so be sure to have alternate plans.

6. Rent A Wedding Dress

Wedding dresses can be very costly. They are usually worn only once, too, and then there is little use for one after that. There are now many places around where you can rent a wedding dress and save a lot of money. You may also want to consider either borrowing one from a friend or relative, or buying low cost wedding gowns on either eBay or Trademe.

7. Use Low Cost Wedding Invitations

You do not need to send out real fancy – and costly – wedding invitations. You can save money on wedding invitations by using a postcard to RSVP, printing the invitations yourself on a laser printer (or have a friend, relative, or college student do this for you at low cost who needs a reference to get into the graphic arts business).

There are many ways to save money with a low cost wedding. Finding hotels with wedding packages is another good way to save – which will let you have your wedding, your reception, and a honeymoon suite – all for a good price.

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