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How to Save Money When Traveling for the Holidays

Thursday, April 23rd, 2015 by Mike

For many people this coming holiday season, the name of the game is still to try and save money where possible. Money is still not flowing as freely as it once was, and this means that corners still need to be cut wherever possible. Your family can save money over the holidays this year by taking a few simple steps.

1. Travel for Less by Getting Your Travel Tickets Early
If you are going to be flying over the holidays, you want to get your tickets as far in advance as possible. Waiting until the last minute is sure to cost you more, besides taking a risk of not getting a flight at all. If the prices should become lower at a later date, all US airlines have a policy stating that you can get a credit for it.

Be sure to check for alternate dates, as well. Try dates that have you flying on a weekend and then not on a weekend, and then possibly with no weekend involved. There may be a surprisingly large amount you can save just by this option – especially if there is a holiday on the day you want to travel.

2. Get Cheap Tickets by Flying into Alternative Airports
Instead of flying directly to your destination, you may be able to save more money by going to another one nearby. By checking the prices on more than one destination, you may be able to get cheap airline tickets and save money. Also, see if there is a shuttle that runs toward your destination – this is usually considerably cheaper than a taxi.

3. Find A Hotel Room with A Refrigerator and Save Money on Food Costs
This will let you keep food in it overnight. Buying your own food, instead of eating fast food your whole trip (if going by car) will enable you to save money and eat when you want. You can buy your food at a grocery store and get more for less – not to mention healthier possibilities, too. In addition, be sure to take full advantage of the Continental breakfast in the hotel – and the free coffee.

4. Choose Your Vacation Spots Wisely and Get Best Travel Deals
Many favorite vacation spots are typically more expensive around the holidays. Find ways to get discounts in advance and avoid paying top dollar – like most other people will. Some tourist attractions may even be free on certain days of the week, giving you better travel deals.

Save more money by going either before or after a holiday. Prices drop considerably in hotels, and other places.

5.Travel Every Other Year and Save More Money
Go to your relatives house one year and let them come to your house the next year. This could
greatly reduce your travel costs. You may also want to limit how many holidays you see each other over the course of the year, too. Another thing you might do around Christmas is to agree in advance to a limit on the cost of gifts, letting you save money there, too.

6. Save Money By Not Paying for Travel Insurance
If you have travel credit cards, such as an air miles card, or a gas card, you probably already have travel insurance that comes with it. The key to getting it, however, is to be sure to put the tickets on that credit card. It should be automatic. You can also avoid car rental insurance by using the same method.

There are many ways to save money over the holidays – letting you have even more fun and less anxiety. Follow these simple travel tips for a better low cost vacation.

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