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Tips for Saving Money in the Summer and Still Taking a Vacation

Thursday, November 5th, 2015 by Mike

Summer_VacationsThe summer is a great time to have fun. Most people look at it as a time for vacations and travel. With money still being tight in many places, it can be hard to find the money needed for a vacation. Here are some ways you can save money and still go on your vacation.

Start to Save Money by Raising Your Thermostat

Keeping cool in the summer does not mean you have to cool the whole house. You can raise the thermostat to around 80 degrees and then circulate the air with a ceiling fan in the room you are in or by using regular fans. With the higher temperatures, you can also use a dehumidifier that will take moisture out of the air and make it feel cooler.

Other tricks to lower your air conditioning costs include cleaning out your filters on your air conditioner and making sure you have no leaks in your duct system. If it has trouble cooling, then have it checked out, because it is working harder to try and bring the air temperature down to where it needs to be.

Save Money with Eating More Meals at Home

Eating out a lot is a sure way to see a quick drain on your cash flow – whether it is for lunches or an evening meal for the whole family. You can save money on groceries and eating out by planning your meals and eating at home more often. Using coupons for your grocery shopping can also enable you to save many dollars each month, too, and stash it away for that long needed vacation.

More money can be saved if you invite another family over for a meal and fun. Ask them to bring some food with them that you can share. This enables you to entertain friends and have special occasions at home for a much lower cost.

Plan Free Local Day Trips

It is easy to fill a summer, especially when you have children, with plenty of activities. Saving money won’t happen, however, if you are frequently doing things that cost. You can find more ways to save money by planning activities that are free and nearby. Libraries and parks often have activities going on in the daytime, as well as public pools. Even better, though, would be to find things to do at home to entertain the children.

Pay Cash As Much as Possible

You can save even more money by paying for things with cash, rather than using credit cards. Remember that if you keep a balance on a credit card, you are paying interest on those purchases. This results in actually paying more than you would pay otherwise.

Save Money by Using Travel Discounts

As you make the actual plans and arrangements for your vacation, be sure to take the time needed
to find great travel discounts. Making arrangements in advance can help you get hotel discounts, discount meals, rental discounts, and even discount tickets for places like Disney, Universal Studios, etc.

Find Ways to Save Money Throughout the Year

Other ways to save more money is to start using money saving tips now that will enable you to save money throughout the whole year. This will help you save money all year long and build up a sizable amount of cash for a better vacation next year. Some things that will help you get started are to make a budget, choose your purchases carefully, save energy, and look for great discount deals.

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3 Responses to Tips for Saving Money in the Summer and Still Taking a Vacation

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  2. Mike says:

    Pay Cash As Much as Possible.
    Better advice is to use your credit card as much as possible, provided you put the money aside to pay it off in full every month. This gives you a month of free interest on your purchases.

  3. Sam says:

    Aarrgh! It would be nice to take a summer vacation but really, I’m worried about the expenses.. Still, Im hoping to find good deals using coupon codes or something…

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