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What Does Success Mean to You?

Sunday, May 14th, 2017 by Lisa

If you asked 10 people what success means to them I would expect you would get 10 different answers. Many would think success is very closely correlated to financial success.

I look at success more broadly and for me its about waking up in the morning and being excited about getting out of bed and looking forward to my day and life ahead of me. Its feeling happy, relaxed and fulfilled. In a perfect world it would be wonderful to feel like this all the time. If I achieve this 80% of the time I think Im doing pretty well.

Success could be defined as being the person you want to be and living the life you want. I really like this definition. You could break success down into different areas; personal success, financial success, business success, spiritual success, family success, etc.

Success is completely an individual thing. We are very quick to look at others and think they are successful. Ironically, if you talk to these people you will often find that they don’t think they are successful at all. This is because everyone measures success differently.

Below is a little success recipe that I came across many years ago. I use it a lot in the financial area when I am talking to groups of people. What is interesting is that those who are in the beginning of their journey always spend their time learning about the know how.

They are often on a quest to get as much information as possible to they can achieve financial success. They start at the bottom of this recipe and work their way up to the top. Interestingly though when you ask those who have been on their journey for a while what is the most important they say work out what you want first. Of course hindsight is a valuable thing. Many of us would do things differently if we had the wisdom of hindsight.

The theory behind starting at the top is that if you are clear about what you want in life then its easier to have a positive self image. When you have a great self image and feel clear about you want it follows that its natural to believe in yourself. Once you have all these in place, rather than gathering huge amounts of information that often does little more than get you really muddled, you can focus on leaning what you really need to know to get to where you want to be.


30% knowing what you want
35% positive self image
30% belief that you can do it
10% know how

I read somewhere that more information comes across our path in a few days than what it did in all of the 17th century. Its very easy to get trapped in information overload where we can’t see the forest for the trees.

When you focus on the know how you end up with lots of pieces of information floating around in your head but you struggle to put them in context. Its like doing a jigsaw puzzle without having the picture on the back of the box to know how to put them all together. If you are clear about what the picture is then its easier to build it as you can find what you need without getting overly distracted by unnecessarily information.

There is no right or wrong answer about what success is. Its more about challenging you to give some thought to it. We get so busy in our lives that we stop thinking about what we are doing and spend so much of our lives in remote control based on what we have always thought and done. Sometimes its good to take a breath and question ourselves and maybe experiment with different thinking to see if it serves us better.

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