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6 Creative Ways to Make Money When the Finances Are Tight

Sunday, June 24th, 2018 by Mike

Every now and then people go through tough times. This is especially true today when many people are still out of work, even though they have tried hard and knocked on many doors. This makes it essential to find ways to get money in whatever way possible to keep your head above water. Here are 6 ways to make money when your finances are about out and need a boost.

1) Rent Out a Room for Extra Money

One way to bring in some quick money on a regular basis is to rent out a spare room. This is especially good if you live near a college. A boarder can bring in a good amount of cash each month and help you make your mortgage payments (or whatever). Be sure to get good references in advance, though, to minimize the possibility of any headaches.

2) Earn Money Selling Things You No Longer Need

Another way to earn money is to take items you have laying around the house, in a closet attic or basement, and sell it online. Simply take a few good pictures, put a decent price on it, and then you can sell it on places like TradeMe or Craigslist. Write up a quality ad, find out about shipping costs, and people will see your ad.

3) Make Money from Performing Some Service

There are many things you can do in your area to make money. You can perform some service such as mowing lawns, raking leaves, babysitting, washing and detailing cars, painting, and much more.

There is also a demand for dog-walking, house-sitting, being a lifeguard, making videos, or helping senior citizens with cleaning, errands, etc.

4) Making Money Online Will Let You Work from Home

It is possible to make money online, especially if you provide some kind of service. If you have any special employable talents, these can often be made available online. This includes talents such as secretarial (virtual assistant), writing, Web development, computer programming, online researcher, consultant, Web or graphic design, teaching (tutoring), and much more.

5) Make a Business Out of TradeMe

Many people make money using TradeMe as a full-time home business. They go to places like flea markets, find good items at a low price, and then sell them on TradeMe for a much higher price. With bidding, high prices are sometimes possible. It may also be possible to have businesses ship products directly, but you must find one that is very reliable – and fast.

6) Make Things to Sell for Extra Money

If you have some talent for making things that people want, you can turn it into a business. There is almost no limit as long as the quality is good. You can make things out of wood, put pictures on T-shirts or other products, sell firewood, make sewn items, paintings, printed materials, and so much more.

Through the Internet, the opportunities today to make money are almost unlimited. Many more ideas are also available including taking on part-time work, starting your own business or business franchise, and telecommuting. There may also be other people looking for help in starting a new business and you just might have the talent they are looking for.

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