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30 Habits to break before you get to 30

Thursday, December 18th, 2014 by Lisa

1. Putting rent on a credit card and not paying it off at the end of the month.

2. Assuming that you’re too young (or too old!) to start investing for the future.

3. Constantly using credit and finance instead of saving up for things you want.

4. Having debt left to pay off, other than student loans or a mortgage.

5. Not having got around to joining KiwiSaver.

6. Smoking cigarettes. (Yes, I know, but I’m adding it anyway.)

7. Keeping all of your money in a checking account, instead of putting what you don’t immediately need into a savings account with higher interest.

8. Using loyality programs to justify extra spending.

9. Impulse shopping—you should learn to buy what you actually need.

10. Asking parents for money.

11. Not asking for a raise when you deserve one.

12. Waiting to start your financial planning until after you’re married.

13. Thinking that investing can only be boring and its too hard.

14. Not having your car, house and contents insured.

15. Paying your credit card without checking the charges on the bill.

16. Not having a firm grasp of your budget: what you can afford, what you can’t, when you can afford to splurge a little, and when you need to save for a while.

17. Shouting everyone at the pub and forgetting to think about your own financial position. Yes its nice to be generous however being generous to your own financial future is more beneficial to you.

18. Dipping into an emergency fund for non-emergencies (having nothing to wear is not an emergency!).

19. Paying late payment fees—on anything.

20. Not having a Will or Powers of Attorney set up.

21. Not saving a set amount automatically out of every paycheck.

22. Not having thought about insurance; income protection, life insurance, health insurance.

23. Borrowing money off friends and being either being slow to pay them back or forgetting to.

24. Indulging in retail therapy.

25. Not paying attention to your money.

26. Haven’t got around to thinking about saving for a house.

27. Assuming that men are better at investing than women.

28. Ignoring coupons. They exist for a reason, you know.

29. Not having some kind of budget or spending plan so you are aware of where your money is going.

30. Quite simply, living beyond your means.

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2 Responses to 30 Habits to break before you get to 30

  1. LJC says:

    that wasnt a list of 30, it was one thing repeated in 30 different ways

    • Tom says:

      Doing yourself justice by being proactive about your finances is more than half the battle – all these habits are different but travel down the same road :)

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