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Four Ways to Conserve Energy and Save Over the Summer

Tuesday, November 22nd, 2016 by Guest


Summer is a beautiful time of year where a whole lot fun can take place, but you need to be conscious of the fact that summer can also drain your bank account if you aren’t careful. Unlike fall or spring, summer generally forces us to use quite a bit of energy to keep things comfortable. There are some ways to keep your costs low, and save money while having an enjoyable summer. Here is a list of four great ways to conserve energy and save money in the summer.

1. Lower the Hot Water Heater Temperature

Many hot water heaters have the thermostat set at 140 degrees, but this is really not necessary at all. By turning down the thermostat to 120 degrees, you could save 6-8 percent on energy costs.

In the long run, lowering the water temperature also helps prevent mineral buildup and corrosion in your pipes. Scalding water isn’t needed, and you’ll save nicely by lowering that thermostat by just a small amount.

2. Shorten Those Showers

Showers can actually be a more efficient way of using water than baths, if you are quick about it. Some studies show that teenagers average 30 minutes or so in the shower, which is a good way to run up the energy costs in a hurry.

While cold showers usually aren’t much fun, don’t take too hot of a shower or you’ll be wasting even more energy. For men, shaving while in the shower may seem like an interesting concept, but it is extremely expensive in the long run. Anything longer than a 10 minute shower and you will be hurting your pocketbook.

3. Be Wise about Cooking

The warm weather of summer provides a nice opportunity to get outside and have a grill out. A nice outside meal from the grill is a great way to save money by keeping the heat from the grill outside instead of having the air conditioner fight the heat from the oven.

If you are going to be cooking inside, make sure you put a lid on pans so the heat doesn’t escape. Also, make sure your oven is clean. An oven with numerous spills in it leads to inefficient heating.

4. Turn Up/Off the Air Conditioner

The air conditioner is a must in the summer, but you don’t always need to cool the house as much as many people do. Consider turning the temperature up a great deal before you leave for work. If you are going on vacation or away for a couple days, shut the air condition off and save that energy.

Some summer nights cool off nicely to where windows can be opened, and the breeze can cool the room quickly. The most important time to have a nice cool house is when you are sleeping. Every degree you turn the air conditioner up will save you hundreds of dollars in the long run.

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