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Money Fantasies

Saturday, February 18th, 2017 by Lisa

Most of us will have some kind of fantasy about money lurking in our subconscious somewhere. Your brain can trick you into believing these fantasies could actually happen.

However if we really thought about it would become clear how silly they really are. Do any of these sound familiar?

1. Lottery Living: You actually believe you might nab a winning ticket, and you believe this every week.

2. I’m Gonna Marry a Millionaire: And that single-minded focus keeps you both single AND broke. A man (or a woman for that matter) is not a financial plan.

3. Waiting for a Windfall: Miscellaneous hopes for an inheritance, a bank error in your favour, a pot of gold in the back of the garage, etc.

4. Thinking someone is going to pay you waaaaay more than they should, and you’ll retire in two years.

5. Sudden Success: You’ll sell that screenplay or invent a new kind of peanut butter that will make you a gazillionaire.

6. Do What You Love, The Money Will Follow: The title of an actual book that has created financial disaster for everyone.

7. Ignorance Is Profitable: The crack-based notion that by not paying attention to your money . . . one day you’ll wake up RICH!

8. Things Have a Way of Working Out: When clearly they don’t if you don’t do anything about it.

9. I’ll Do It Later: Time has an uncanny ability of disappearing and you wake up 30 years down the track still chanting to yourself you have plenty of time and will do it later.

10. Money is not everything! Try living without it for a month.

11. Denial. I am not that out of shape

Now at this point you are probably laughing. But I am sure that if you think about it, at some point in time, at least one of these thoughts have gone through your head, or you have heard someone else say them. Sometimes people make these comments in jest to either themselves or others, but I wonder what is really going on in their head.

One Response to Money Fantasies

  1. Peter L says:

    My own experience as a junior cash officer in a major international bank was that I actually make a ‘single sitter sofa’ with packs of new notes ( more than a million dollars ) and actually sat on it without having to fantasize, although not actually owning it. :)
    The truth is that to fantasize or dream about getting very wealthy, the ‘bubble’ bursts, the moment one comes back to realty. However, if one’s vision is getting that ‘pot’ of gold and planning and working hard towards the goal, it is highly probable of getting it. Good luck!

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