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#EarthDay: 6 Great Ways to Save Some Green While Going Green!

Friday, March 4th, 2016 by Natalia


In recognition of Earth Day, PocketSmith would like to recommend a few great ways to save money while also saving the environment. Many people still think that the green alternative is also the expensive alternative, but the fantastic thing about jumping on the eco-bandwagon is that it often saves you money. Check out these 6 tips below:

1. Stop Buying Bottled Water

Bottled water is one of the most outrageous ways to spend money. Not only are you paying for a commodity that flows freely in your taps, for which you already pay municipal taxes, you are also doing lots of damage to the environment in the process. Manufacturing plastic water bottles uses up large amounts of fossil fuels and the water in the bottle is the same as if you’d get if you slapped a filter on the end of your tap.

2. Use Less Energy

There are lots of ways to conserve energy around the house. You can gradually change out your light bulbs to compact fluorescents, minimize your use of air conditioners when it’s hot and turn your thermostat down one degree when it’s cold and even install energy saving window treatments. These small changes can add up to big savings on your energy usage and therefore on your energy bill.

3. Lengthen the Life of Your Electronic Items

Instead of rushing off to get the latest phone or the newest laptop, you should try to hold on to your electronic gadgets for as long as possible. This saves you money because you’ll spend less trying to keep up with trends. At the very least you should dispose of your items in a safe way to avoid contributing to e-waste that is hazardous to the environment.

4. Try Cheap and Natural Green Cleaning Methods

This can save you a ton of money because cleaning agents tend to be relatively expensive. Instead of buying a bunch of products that are harmful to the environment and take a toll on your pocket, look into using regular household ingredients like baking soda, vodka and lime that can disinfect and clean multiple surfaces.

5. Think Before You Buy

The urge to splurge can set you back at the end of the month when you realize that you have not achieved your goals, but it also contributes to the wave of consumerism that has the power to further strain our natural resources and contributes to the issue of landfill overcrowding. Before you swipe your credit card to buy yet another pair of black shoes, consider if you really need them or if they will end up sitting at the back of your closet while it works its way through the cycle from exciting new plaything to neglected item to clutter and finally to the landfill.

6. Use Less Water

Finally, water is imperative to life. Despite this staggering truth many people use this resource with wanton abandon for the fact that some countries have to ration their scarce supplies and their citizens have to go without. Using less water around the house is easy. All you need to do is be mindful of leaving leaks unchecked, turning off the tap when its not in use and even washing only full loads of clothes. Reducing your water consumption will reflect on your bill and you’ll also save money.

There are many ways to make the environmentally friendly choice while also saving some money. All it takes is the will and a little effort.

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One Response to #EarthDay: 6 Great Ways to Save Some Green While Going Green!

  1. Joel Gray says:

    I agree with you. You did a good post. It is good to stop buying plastic water bottles. I am now even bringing my own water bottle. It helps me save money and mother earth.

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