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How to Reduce your Grocery Bill

Saturday, August 13th, 2016 by Lisa

At the moment I’m going to the supermarket every day and spending a fortune. Surely there is a way for me to save money and go less?

Yes there is a way for you to cut down your supermarket spending. Most of it will revolve around time and planning. The more time you spend planning meals and putting your shopping list together the less likely you are to not only make numerous trips to the supermarket but also to buy things that you don’t need. One of the key reasons we don’t plan is that we lead such busy lives.

If you think about it though and took the time that you spent travelling to and from doing your shopping and put that into planning its likely that overall you would be better off time wise. It just requires a bit more thinking.

Someone said to me the other day that one of the best ways to effectively shop at the supermarket was to walk around the outside of it only. I was a bit baffled by initially. What they were referring to was around the outside of the supermarket is all the fresh food and very little convenience food so you are less likely to buy things on a whim. Also much better for your health.

Here are 12 tips for cutting down your spending:

1. Start using up food you have stored in your cupboards and freezer. Many of us are hoarders and we can be surprised what we have in our cupboards. If you try and build one of two meals a week around using up what we already have you should be able to save on your grocery bill.

2. Cut down one takeaway dinner each week and cook instead.

3. Take your lunch each day instead of buying it.

4. Think twice about everything you buy to see if you really do need it.

5. See if public transport is a cheaper option for you.

6. Plan you weekly meals and shopping list in advance to reduce wastage.

7. Use a shopping list and try to shop once a week at your supermarket and avoid quick shops at the local diary which are a lot more expensive.

8. Occasionally cook twice as much and freeze what you don’t need so you have a meal available when you don’t feel like cooking. This will help remove the temptation of takeaways.

9. Shop smart. Look out for specials, discounts, coupon offers and sales. Buy at markets and cut price stores. Look for items with damaged packaging, clearance items and bargain bins. Buy specials in bulk. Buy in-house brands or plain packs which are almost always cheaper and are usually of similar quality.

10. Become a gardener, even if it’s a small one, it all adds up. If you have extra you could swap with friends or family or also have a garden.

11. Don’t shop when you are hungry or feeling down as you tend to spend more.

12. Check out the group buying sites like or

There are many ways to save money. Its just a matter of stopping and thinking before you spend. Give it a try and you maybe surprised on what you can save. Its not about depriving yourself – its about being smarter about how you earn your hard earned dollars.

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