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Things You Shouldn’t Pay For!

Saturday, October 4th, 2014 by Natalia

Every day people pay for things that they could have got for free, or at a drastically reduced cost, and never spare a moment to think of how they could improve their lives if they had saved the money instead. If you are interested in redirecting the flow of your cash and you are intrigued by the idea of seeking out genuine ways to spend less and save more money then take a look at the following five items that you shouldn’t bother paying for:

1. A Cell Phone

Gone are the days when it was reasonable to dish out lots of money to get a cell phone. Cell phone companies are so competitive now that they are scrambling and falling all over each other to try to give away the newest model phone first. Of course, you still have to make sure that the package you choose suits your usage, your lifestyle and your budget, but there is no reason to pay for the phone itself.

2. Keeping Fit

Exercise doesn’t have to cost a fortune and as a matter of fact it can be totally free. You can go outside for a run, take up a sport or invest in the one-time cost of a set of workout DVDs that you can do at home when the weather does not permit to take your exercise to the outdoors. You shouldn’t have to pay expensive gym memberships to keep fit and healthy.

3. Paperback Books

The library still has a lot of free resources to offer. You can usually find lots of paperbacks and even DVDs that are all accessible for free. Making a trip to join your local library might very well be worth it because it could save you money, especially if you have a passion for reading.

4. Banking Services

Lots of money goes into bank fees every year. If you add up the charges you pay every time you use another bank’s ATM or even the monthly fee for administering a regular checking account at a commercial bank the amount is usually more that you could earn in interest from the same bank.

There are still free checking accounts, although you might have to turn to a credit union to find one, and lots of other bank charges are avoidable if you pay attention to the way you use your account.

5. Basic Computer Software

When there are free and highly functional alternatives available, why would you bother to pay for basic computer software? OpenOffice or Google Docs are great alternatives to the popular Microsoft giant and the products have a good reputation for performance.

Sure, these ideas won’t turn you into a millionaire, but they can make a difference in your disposable income from month to month. Over time, the money you save can be considerable if you don’t allow yourself to simply overspend in other areas.

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