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Cleaning Up After Christmas – 3 Simple Ways to Make Extra Cash!

Friday, March 13th, 2015 by Paul

Like many people I had visitors over the Christmas period. This gave me the motivation to clean up my house. And while I was cleaning up I looked for things to earn me a little extra money. Most of what I have is probably rubbish but some of it might well be reusable by someone else. Why not sell it off?

There are several ways to sell things of course:

1) First of all there’s Trademe.

Even if you don’t think things are worth a lot you can put them on Trademe with a $1 reserve and allow the market to dictate their value. Some might not sell but some almost definitely will and add a little much needed income to this time of the year. And, with so many people looking for a bargain in the current financial woes, your chances are pretty good.

2) Then there is the good old Kiwi tradition of the garage sale.

If you have quite a lot of things that you want to sell off it can be cheaper and easier to set up a garage sale rather than using Trademe. For the cost of an advert in the local paper you can get buyers to your house and not have to worry about things like packing and postage and photographs. The prices might be a little lower than you could get on Trademe but the whole event can be done in one Saturday morning with just a little work on sorting as you clean up.

Don’t be surprised by the number of people who will want to haggle with you over the course of the morning and be prepared to reduce prices toward the end of your garage sale. Remember if you were going to throw things out and someone offers you some money for them, then you are in profit.

3) Thirdly there is the specific priced sale.
You can do this via adverts in the local paper’s classified ads section or by setting a “buy now” price on Trademe for items that you think have a higher value. It’s a good idea to check out Trademe’s ‘closed’ listings for the items you have so that you can get some idea of the value of your second hand goods.

Try putting your little windfalls aside until the bills of January come in. Or, if you are in the position of being able to save, add them to your savings account. They might help you towards that holiday or car you so desperately want this year.

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