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When it’s Cool to be Cheap

Saturday, September 26th, 2015 by Paul

How many of the things that you buy on a regular basis could you get for a cheaper price? Do you do all your shopping in the same supermarket? Or do you shop around for discounts? Have you considered using those shops that seem to be springing up every where with names like Coinsave, The $1, $2, $3 Shop or the one that probably started the trend here in NZ the $2 Shop. I have heard these sort of shops collectively described as “s**t shops”. But are they so bad? You could probably save a few dollars by shopping for some of the things that you need at these shops. And it’s not all silt.

Here’s a few dos and don’ts for low cost shopping at the cheapest shops in town.

1. Good Buys:

Toothbrushes. I think these have to be the best buys in the cheap shops. The major toothpaste companies are constantly trying to tell you that it is very important to use the ‘right toothbrush’. In fact, their marketing is so desperate now that they have started telling you that holes in the handle will clean your teeth better. A family pack of toothbrushes at the cheap shops can cost a couple of dollars. So little that you can change them for the whole family every month and still save money. Surely a clean toothbrush must be better for your teeth than a hole in the handle or an angled head.

Tools. I’m not suggesting that if you require tools for your daily work that you buy them from a cheap shop. But if you need something specific like a wallpaper scraper or a set of mini-screw drivers for the kids’ toys it must be better to spend a couple of bucks rather than ten or more at the DIY shop.

2. Goodbyes:

Food. I’m just not into buying food too cheap. Many of the edibles that I see in the cheap shops have a chemistry lesson under the ingredient list. And, as far too often, these things are imported they probably won’t taste the same as you expect.

Light bulbs. Don’t bother with cheap light bulbs. They don’t last and they use up more electricity and so cost you more in the long run. Buy the eco-bulbs, they last much longer, use less power and they save you money eventually.

Toys. It’s ok to buy things for party bags or to keep your little darling quiet while you drag them round the mall but don’t go for any kind of birthday or Christmas present. It’s just no worth the tears when the kid breaks it after five minutes.

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