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Financial Mistakes Newlyweds Make

When you think of the issues newlyweds are likely to face, you might begin to picture battles over how to share the physical space, discussions on when to start a family or even the interference of in-laws in the new … Continue reading

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Beginning to Budget

I have spent quite some time reading over my bank statements for the last three months. Because I rarely carry cash and generally use my EFTPOS or credit cards, this has been quite an instructive exercise. I have been able … Continue reading

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7 Tips to Save Money with a Low Cost Wedding

When it comes time to get married, people are looking forward to having a highly memorable time – one that will last a lifetime. Money is sometimes tight, however, and this means that elegance may have to be limited in … Continue reading

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B is for Budgeting, B is for Baby

Having a baby is an emotional experience and money rarely ever factors heavily into the decision of whether or not to have a child. Nevertheless, thinking about your budget when you discover that your baby will soon be born can … Continue reading

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To Buy or Not to Buy… How to Evaluate your Next Purchase

Many of us suffer from periodic bouts of weakness when it comes to personal financial management. Even people who are generally great at making decisions sometimes end up spending money on something that was completely sporadic only to bear the … Continue reading

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How to Save Money on Baby Items

A new baby brings with it a heap of excitement and a free pass to go on a crazed spending spree. Babies are precious gifts, but they can inspire intense urges to get everything possible regardless of the cost. First … Continue reading

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Bake a plan for the future in three easy steps

Create a simple and delicious financial plan for the coming 6 months, filled with good decisions and a satisfying payoff at the end. Cook time10 minutes LevelEasy YieldClairvoyance Ingredients – x1 free PocketSmith account – Today’s bank balance – x1 … Continue reading

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Tips to Help You Save Money by Christmas

Every year Christmas rolls around and promises not to get carried away by going over budget make the list of things to do and yet, just like clockwork, January rolls around and the bills arrive to reveal just how much … Continue reading

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The End of the Year is Approaching… Are Your Finances Ready?

December is always a month that is riddled with important financial decisions, but most of them get pushed aside for the much more pleasant euphoria of the holiday season. The following are a few tips that can help you to … Continue reading

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4 Good Financial Habits to Develop

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then is not an act, but a habit.” Aristotle. This quote has profound meaning for your financial life, because it means that even if your savings are up not to scratch or if your … Continue reading

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