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How to Set a Budget on an Irregular Income

Budgeting can be tricky even on a fixed monthly salary, so adding the ‘irregular income’ wild card can really shake things up. The fact of the matter is though, for many people this is a reality. Freelance writers and web … Continue reading

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Measuring Financial Progress

As time passes it is quite normal and even constructive to measure your progress in different areas of your life. You may look at where you are professionally to make decisions on what needs to be done in that arena. … Continue reading

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How to Move from Two Incomes to One

Many families have been faced with the reality of transitioning from a fairly comfortable lifestyle on two incomes, to one that seems almost unbearable because one partner as either lost their job or has let it go because of health … Continue reading

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Small Changes that Save Big Money

When the cost of living is on the rise and income levels are more or less stagnant, saving money can feel like a steep uphill climb. Nevertheless, if you are determined you can find small ways that overtime can add … Continue reading

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How to Stop Living Paycheck to Paycheck

If your paycheck regularly finishes before your next payday then you are living beyond your means and you are one of those people who struggle to make ends meet from paycheck to paycheck. This malady can happen at any income … Continue reading

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Common Financial Mistakes College Grads Make

College graduates might think that the time to have some fun has finally arrived, and while a bit of relaxation has definitely been well-earned, kicking back to focus only on fun can be a dangerous mindset. The decisions made fresh … Continue reading

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