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6 Comforting Money Lies

We are all guilty of indulging in the occasional money lie. Whether you tell yourself that you work hard during the week so you definitely deserve to splurge on the weekend or you dupe yourself into thinking that you’ll start … Continue reading

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When do you start saving for retirement?

The short answer is start today, no matter how small the investment is it all adds up over time. So many of us wait…. We wait until we can save more. We wait until our mortgage is paid off. Until … Continue reading

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How to Stop Lifestyle Inflation in its Tracks

Billboards, television ads, radio commercials, magazines and even interacting with friends and neighbors, all these influences constantly push a message to buy. Consumerism has become a part of our culture, so there is an ever increasing urge to increase your … Continue reading

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4 Good Financial Habits to Develop

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then is not an act, but a habit.” Aristotle. This quote has profound meaning for your financial life, because it means that even if your savings are up not to scratch or if your … Continue reading

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When Is it Time to Start Thinking about Retirement?

Recent days have seen money grow very tight for many people. Those who had been prospering for a long time suddenly found that the world had changed. Now it was not only not an easy thing to get money, but … Continue reading

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5 Tips to Help Get You Started Saving Money Today

Many people find it difficult, if not near impossible, to put some money into savings. In a day when the economy is still a little tighter than it used to be, saving money may be even more important than ever. … Continue reading

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