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When Is it Time to Start Thinking about Retirement?

Recent days have seen money grow very tight for many people. Those who had been prospering for a long time suddenly found that the world had changed. Now it was not only not an easy thing to get money, but … Continue reading

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Manage Your Cashflow Just As Your Company Does

At your place of business, you probably hear the phrase ‘cash flow.’ That term means a business is as concerned about keeping its money as it is about making it. You should be as well. Here are some ways you … Continue reading

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How to Save Money on Baby Items

A new baby brings with it a heap of excitement and a free pass to go on a crazed spending spree. Babies are precious gifts, but they can inspire intense urges to get everything possible regardless of the cost. First … Continue reading

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Setting Up a Balanced Investment Portfolio

In the recent economic problems, a lot of people have lost a lot of money. This included their life savings, their home, and in some cases their retirement money. Many people were hurt financially. While no one can give an … Continue reading

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Setting Up a Family Budget for Better Savings

If you have just been married and getting settled in to your new life, then it will help you immensely to get started right. So many couples have found out the hard way that starting off on the wrong foot … Continue reading

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Bake a plan for the future in three easy steps

Create a simple and delicious financial plan for the coming 6 months, filled with good decisions and a satisfying payoff at the end. Cook time10 minutes LevelEasy YieldClairvoyance Ingredients – x1 free PocketSmith account – Today’s bank balance – x1 … Continue reading

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Save Money by Starting a Business!

One great way to save money on some of your regular monthly expenses is to start a home business. This is especially true if you have expenditures that could be turned into business-related ones. The New Zealand government allows you … Continue reading

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10 ways to save money when you eat out

Many of us spend a lot of money eating out and socialising. Interestingly the takeaway industry has been doing really well during the last few years. You would think that they would be going through a tough time like so … Continue reading

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6 Comforting Money Lies

We are all guilty of indulging in the occasional money lie. Whether you tell yourself that you work hard during the week so you definitely deserve to splurge on the weekend or you dupe yourself into thinking that you’ll start … Continue reading

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#EarthDay: 6 Great Ways to Save Some Green While Going Green!

In recognition of Earth Day, PocketSmith would like to recommend a few great ways to save money while also saving the environment. Many people still think that the green alternative is also the expensive alternative, but the fantastic thing about … Continue reading

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