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Life Hacks by Alex: Less is More

Spending LESS than you earn! Seems obvious doesn’t it, if you have 10 dollars then make sure you spend 9. So why does it trip me up so often? In fact, it trips many of us. It’s easy to keep … Continue reading

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How to Save Money this Christmas – 5 Gift Ideas Under $10

Christmas is the traditional time to blow your budget. It’s so easy to get sucked into the spirit of the season and spend more than you need to. Then there are the traditional January headaches as you struggle to pay … Continue reading

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30 Habits to break before you get to 30

1. Putting rent on a credit card and not paying it off at the end of the month. 2. Assuming that you’re too young (or too old!) to start investing for the future. 3. Constantly using credit and finance instead … Continue reading

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How to Save Money When Traveling for the Holidays

For many people this coming holiday season, the name of the game is still to try and save money where possible. Money is still not flowing as freely as it once was, and this means that corners still need to … Continue reading

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